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Custom Emoji reorder


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I want to add some custom emojis, but I want them at the bottom of the menu. Any idea if this can be achieved? It seems that new emoji groups go to the top by default. 

I don't mind editing template if I have to, but I don't know where to look. 

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I found a dirty solution, so I would like to share it with you. I noticed that on my test board that I still had the old emoticons, they were transferred to the custom part, but were showing at the bottom - just what I want to do. Then I noticed that in the DB structure, the old emoticons used the category name for the emo_set variable, while for the newly created ones it was a numeric string....oh well, I will cut short, this is too boring. 

So steps to perform if you want to display the custom emojis at the bottom:

1. Add a new Emoji category in ACP, call it lets say "My fancy emojis"

2. Add emojis in the category. "My fancy emojis" will be on the top on the frontend, we want to move them to the bottom.  

3. Go to SQL toolbox in ACP and check the current value of the parameter emo_set in core_emoticons table. Should be some number like 12335645643. Run the following query: UPDATE core_emoticons set emo_set='myfancyemojis'; The string does not matter really, it is important to be a string and not the automatically assigned number. 

4. Check the situation on the frontend. The new emoticons should be at the bottom under a _default category. Go back in Emoji part of the ACP, you will see that your new custom emoji group is renamed to something like core_emoticon_group_myfancyemojis. Rename it again to "My fancy emojis". Click Save. 

5. Everything should be fine now and the new emojis should be in a properly named category at the bottom of the list. 

6. Profit!

The usual disclaimer: When modifying the DB, always take backups first. 

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