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Deleted Content more information needed


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The deleted content in the moderator cp is causing more work for our moderators due to it being so basic as it only shows the date when deleted and the moderator who deleted the post, let me explain further.

When a post is deleted and it needs to be restored, viewing the deleted content section in moderator cp is very basic and shows no information on who the post author was and content information. The only way to find the post is by clicking on each heading that then takes you to the topic and scrolling through to find the post. Its not always found this way though as not all deleted posts are shown.

Is there an option or a way to show more information like the old 3.4 version? who posted the comment (author), posts content.   

see my example of what we have to look through to find a certain post, as you can see from the example there is no indication  on who posted the comment or what was in the post?

i have removed the mods name.

Thank you


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