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4.3: Subscription Manager - Renewal Terms

Tom S.

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Currently the Subscriptions section is lacking the ability to offer multiple renewal terms per plan. i.e. 1 month/6 month/1 year ...

The only way to do this is to create multiple identical plans and set different renewal terms for each one, which is a very sub-optimal way of doing it.

Ideally, it just needs multiple options like the old version for selling subscriptions had:


Also, I'm yet to test this, but what happens if you use the tool "Convert to a subscription package" on a product that has multiple renewal items? Does it create multiple Plans for each renewal option? Does it just take the first one it sees?

I wonder if this was an oversight when creating the new (and much improved) subscription system. Unfortunately for me, it's unusable without this feature.   

Hoping this gets addressed soon ?

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