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How does Our Picks work with emails? I know that they are added to the bottom of standard emails that go out but I would like to allow my members to choose from the following subscriptions:


Those "newsletters" would show the Our Picks that have been added for the day, week, or month.

How do I do this? I receive newsletters from IPS that are just like the formatting I am looking for.

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I would like to further this thought as @Josiah Wallingford has some valid and great thoughts by adding some items too. it seems this thread is also located here.

What about options limiting how many 'our picks' will show up in the email as of right now it shows 4 and it does seem a bit much, maybe allow the administrator (or who can access the bulk mails) to change the 'number of items shown'


and possibly add an option that allows the user to 'chose which 'our picks' are shown' via a check mark by promoted management or something of the sorts?


As it stands, we are forced to use it, with no options whatsoever.


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