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What can I delete in the /uploads folder!?


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My /uploads folder is massive and full of sh!t that has accumulated since I first setup IPB WAY back in 2003. 

Can anyone give me any pointers to help me work out what is redundant that can be deleted?

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My short answer is no. :blink:

What a nightmare that would be to go through the folder, and track down images that are no longer used. I know cuz I tried it! I was successful however once when for some reason with 3x version a default member avatar was created anew for each member who used it. So at one time I had 2 thousand avatars of the same image, that was an easy find and delete. But it spins my brain to think about figuring a way to filter and search for useless images and delete them.

EDIT: Please take my statement with a grain of salt, I realize how unproductive it was, I have limited skills in this area, my brain spun when you asked it thus my un-informed reply.

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