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Imported Members not showing in members

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This issue has been escalated and sitting as a support ticket for quite a while for me... so I thought I would also give Peer to Peer support a try to see if anybody else might have a solution.

The Problem:

I have imported nearly 5,000 members to my site and chose to send a confirmation email.

All 5,000 received the confirmation email.

My groups settings in ACP show that all those users are part of the group I put them into.

However, those members do NOT show up in my Members list until they have logged in with the password that was sent to them.

From the email that went out, I have received about 5 emails back asking to remove their account and unsubscribe them from any future emails. Well, I can't remove their account because I cannot access their account to remove it.

Now, I am concerned about sending out a newsletter using the newsletter application for that group because I don't want them receiving any emails from us.

From what support tells me, all of those members should be showing up in my member's list showing their current status. Then I could go into the member's account and delete it.

Any ideas? I am wondering is IPB support is not responding because it is something obvious that I have overlooked and not worth their time explaining.



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