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Remove secondary usergoup


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I've been cleaning up my usergroups and noticed that quite a few were wrong.

My lowest group is "member" and certain users are also allowed in a hidden part of the forum, specfic to "Full member" the full member has access to everything a standard one does, so i dont see any need for them to be in both groups. Over the last year or so, my admins have promoted these members as so;

Primary group - Member

Secondary group - Full member

And vice versa.

We have badges for these groups so you can imagine it looked a bit messy, so my cleanup was to put "Full member" as primary for all applicable users. It does however seem that de selecting a usergoup completely is not an option, so I selected the same usergoup in secondary. This seemed to work in the usergroup area, only showing the primary as I was hoping.


Unfortuantely this has not been reflected in the forum itself, see attached.


Obviously I have a plugin showing secondary usergroups, but this is so I can show an addtional group members are put in if they donate.


Any ideas?

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