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Bug/suggestion: forcing users to accept new terms/privacy


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In an attempt to streamline the design of additional legal pages other than the default privacy/terms/guidelines, I decided to use the "external URL" option rather than the default pages. Using Pages, I put all of the new documents under a "legal" folder, similar to how you have it here at Invision: https://invisioncommunity.com/legal/

When the option comes up asking if I'd like to force users to accept the new terms/privacy, I confirm and select it.

The issue with doing this is that these documents are not literally external to the Invision Community Suite, they are simply different pages within it. What happens is that, instead of showing the full text when a user tries accessing the website, it shows a link to "View our Privacy Policy":


This is the correct thing to do. However, I'm assuming that by "external URL," it's meant in a literal way: a URL that's not part of the current website.

What happens when you actually use internal pages is that the user clicks on the link to view the new policy, but it simply opens a new window where they're forced to accept the policy (without being able to view it, as they need to accept the policy before they can view pages within the site). This also locks them out from accessing the default terms, guidelines, and privacy pages since they need to accept them before they can see them. They cannot even sign out without accepting, as that is one of the triggers to the forced acceptance.

In summary:

  • Users should be able to see specific URLs regardless of whether they've accepted your new terms or not (default privacy/terms/guidelines pages and/or the ones supplied via the External URL selection).
  • Users should be able to sign out, as an indication that they do not want to accept the new terms.
  • "External URL" shouldn't be literal; we should be able to use internal pages and just forgo the default pages. Maybe a fourth option allowing those of us with Pages installed to select a specific page, which could be hooked into the system that knows we've made a change to the document.
  • "Registration Terms & Rules" should have the same options as privacy and guidelines.
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For those that might be headed in the same direction and are looking for a workaround:

  1. Create a block for your legal pages, such as Terms
  2. Open up the reconfirmTerms template in your theme and find this: {lang="reg_rules_value"}
  3. Comment that out or delete it: <!--{lang="reg_rules_value"}-->
  4. In that same section, add:
<a href='#termsContent' data-ipsDialog data-ipsDialog-title='{lang="reg_terms"}' data-ipsDialog-content="#termsContent">
	View {lang="reg_terms"}

<div id='termsContent' class='ipsHide'>{block="terms"}</div>

This will open up a modal once the link is clicked, allowing users to see your terms if they're on an internal page of your site. Using a block will allow you to not have to manage two versions of your terms, since you can use the block both in your terms page and your templates. Using a modal to pull an internal page itself, rather than a block, won't work as the system keeps the user locked out from viewing pages.

Do the same thing for the privacy section and you're good to go. If you want to force members to accept your new terms/privacy, edit your block first and then go into the default settings for them, add random text, save it (don't force users to accept yet), then go back and remove that text and save it. Force them to accept this time. It's not super intuitive for admins, but it's not terribly complicated.





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