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Topic lock for guests


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I wonder it is possible to “lock” topic for guests? For example the forum is open for guests, they can see/read topics, but maybe its possible to make just some topics locked for unregistered users?

I DON’T WANT TO HIDE IT FOR UNREGISTERED USERS, I want that they can see it, but when they try to enter they need to get message like “You need to register to view this topic” (or smthg like that) 

Maybe it’s its possible with standard ipb functions? Or there is some plugins?


Thank you.

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13 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Remove the permission from guests to read topics in the forum then edit the forum and check the setting Users without read permission can open forum?. You can add your own message in the Custom No Permission Error field. 

How I understand then guests can’t see all topics in that forum?

Because I want make only some indvidual topics, but not all forum. For example there is forum “Cars” in this forum are two topics “BMW” and “Mercedes” and I want to make that topic “BMW” can be readed by all guests, but when people try to open “Mercedes” they got message “You need to register” it is possible? I hope you understand that I want to make only some topics in forum disallowed for users not all topics in the same forum.

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22 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Guests will be able to view topics list but when click in any of them, will show a error message. 

This will affect ALL topics in the forum, not just a few. 

I see, but I need to make it like “pin” “feature” topic so it can be option “lock this topic for guests” :) maybe there is some plugin? But I didn’t saw.

However thank you for your time! Have a nice holidays.

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