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[PAID] Avatar size (Figured it out!)


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I would like a modification that allows me to set the default avatar size to anything that I want, whether that's 250x250 or 200x300, etc.

What IPB currently does is it stores the avatar as a SQUARE 90x90, then STRETCHES it out to the size that you desire. This is unacceptable. Not everybody wants a tiny 90x90 avatar.

If anybody is able to make such a modification, please message me with a quote. Thank you.

Finally figured out where to edit the darn code so that I can have the full sized avatars :) (see attached photo)

And wouldn't you know it, the forum is fine! :)


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It’s not strange, it’s the only way to create consistent avatar images that work across the entire suite, can be shown as circles as here on this site (theme setting) and so on. 

It’s the same reason why sites like Facebook or Twitter don’t allow anything but square profile images. It’s not the only way to do it, but a normal and reasonable thing to do. 

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I'm not sure why that consistent size HAS to be 200x200. Why can't I choose what that consistent size is? I want 200x300 or 250x250 for my community. Why can't I, as my site's administrator, choose what that consistent size is??

Also I am looking for someone who can accomplish this via a modification/app/etc. So if anyone has any idea how to allow a site administrator to have the power to choose the consistent avatar size for their own community, please message me. This is a bit ridiculous.

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