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question re: Commerce payment methods


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Having just purchased Commerce, I'm in the process of setting up payment methods.  Of course, everyone alive today knows that PayPal is the industry standard online payment gateway, but their fees seem considerably higher than the other payment methods accepted by Commerce such as Stripe and 2Checkout.

As a newcomer to this area of IPS I wanted to ask those here who have experience with different payment gateways: would it be dooming oneself not to go with PayPal, even though there are issues with Billing Agreements which (potentially) take power out of the site owner's hands?  Also, I notice that 2Checkout's website says it can accept PayPal payments; are there any hitches with this?

So far, it seems more economical to go with something like Stripe, although it seems that would be limiting payment to credit card only (and obviously not PayPal).  Any and all insights are welcome.  Thanks!

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