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Purchasing items during registration process improvements

Tom S.

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Here is a scenario:

Step 1. A new user clicks "sign up".

Step 2. They are shown items they can purchase. They add one to the cart and click "continue to registration". (ok so far)

Step 3. They are taken to a page displaying the cart with the selection they just made and are shown two options: "continue shopping" & "check out" . We went from "continue to registration" to this page? Ok, I guess this step can be useful if they change their mind about what they want in the cart. However, it would be far more practical to deal with this during the previous step. (Let's assume the user then clicks "check out")

Step 4: Next, they are taken to this page:


WHAT? We have already established they are a new member!  So, now they have to click on "Continue as New Member".

In summary (current process):

Sign up -> Add to cart -> continue to registration -> check out -> continue as new member -> complete forms

When it could (should)  be:

Sign up -> Add to cart -> continue to registration -> complete forms

New users should be able to see and manage the cart on the opening sign up page where they make their store item selections. Then when they click "continue to registration", we know they are ready and just go straight to the form!

Sorry to go on a bit, but to me a new users sign up experience is so important this needs to be looked at.

I hope you take these suggestions on board. Thank you.

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