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Fluid View - For Selected Forums Only via ACP


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I like the addition of fluid view to the forum index. Good job, IPS! :)

I'd like to suggest an option, via ACP, that will allow admins to enable/disable the forums for fluid view. As it is right now, it's all or nothing. While the simplifiedViewSidebar filter is a good start, it lists all of the available forums. As an admin, I only want some of the forums to appear in a topic list style, not all.

For boards with a lot of forums, the simplifiedViewSidebar can get awfully long and messy. Yes, you can control the height with simple CSS, but then that defeats the purpose of a one-click forum filter.

Then what happens to the forums that are disabled for forum view?

Those forums will appear in a traditional forum index table view. It's the best of both worlds.

But can't you create a Page block for posts and topics feed for that purpose?

Yes, but the post and topic blocks have a limitation of only displaying a fixed number of posts or topics. There is no pagination either, whereas the topic view list does.


Please consider. Thank you!

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