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Custom Profile Fields W/ Logos


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Hi there,
I remember way back "custom profile fields" used to be a thing
I'm hoping to bring it back

I'm running a music advertising forum and to help my users get that little bit more self promotion i'm wanting to add things like YouTube, Soundclick, Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc into their profile and also so that it's visible when viewing topics

so for example it would come across a little like this:

**Profile picture**
**Group Title**
**Post Count*
**YT Logo*
**SoundCLick Logo*
** SoundCloud Logo*

etc etc

or the Logos can go horizontal rather than vertical

Can this be done?

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23 hours ago, Derpity said:

there are still custom profile fields in IPS, and you can definitely add icons to the fields, it would require a little html/css knowledge to get it to look perfect, but it is definitely do able

Hmm ok i'll have to have a look around and see what I can do. Thanks for the response

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