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How edit display Database Relationship on my template?

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I have two databases:

  • Movies
  • Actors

There is also a set of fields:

  • Movies (database)
  • Actors (database)
    • Actor name (Template Key="actor_name")
    • Actor Age (Template Key="actor_age")

In addition, I created a field type "database relation" to specify what actors star in the movie.

And now the question: As for the movie page to display the cards of the actors who starred in it? Do not understand. Help, please.

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Hello Kirill!

Thanks for answer.

Not what you need. I will give an example layout.

<div class='MovieRecord'>
  <!--Movie Actor Grid in Database Relationship-->
  <ul class='ipsGrid'>
    <li class='ipsGrid_span4'>

This is a source code example. I want to know how can I substitute the variables {$actor} and {$actorage}.


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