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Greetings, IPS users!

We’re Chatwee - a social live chat provider since 2012. Today, we’d like to formally announce and share with you our live chat plugin designed specifically to promote real time interaction among members of online communities.

Who’s it for?

Chatwee is for anyone running a site that attracts a steady flow of people sharing a common interest. In other words, it’s an online community booster for any socially-oriented site admin out there!

What features does it pack?

There’s quite a few of them, so let us list some of the essentials:

Multiple chat rooms
Messenger-style group conversations
Private chatting
Offline messaging
Rich media messages
Multiple login methods
Cross-tab synchronization
Powerful moderation options
Single Sign-on

View full features list

Our chat plugin allows for extensive customization, so you can make it fit just right with your site.

How do I get it?

Please go to the IPS Marketplace Chat Plugin by Chatwee page to download the file and proceed with your installation.

Chatwee is free to anyone who wants to try it. Heck, it stays free forever if the plan suits you. You can also upgrade anytime you want, or downgrade on a month to month basis with no penalty fees.

IPS chat installation instructions


We appreciate all your feedback and suggestions, however, please keep in mind that this thread isn’t an official support channel. If you experience any issues with your Chatwee chat, please contact us directly.

Thank you for all your interest and support so far!




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I wish this plugin worked well. When it's working, it works beautifully, but unfortunately, my days were spent dealing with more and more headaches because of this plugin than with improving the community. The following issues may not be true for everyone, but in my month of using Chatwee, it never worked well or properly for most of my community.

  • It does not keep members logged in. It idles members out on a regular basis.
  • When it logs you out of the chat due to being idle, you have to log completely out of the community and log back in again to use the messenger.
  • It does not work consistently across browsers.
  • Many members cannot log in at all and forces them to be "guests." As admin, it would not accept my log in until I deleted my entire installation of browsers and reinstalled every browser on every device and rebooted every device. That's crazy. I cannot ask every member to do this just to get the chat to work properly. Especially when even when you finally get logged in, it logs you out if you idle too long anyway.
  • It is highly anti-intuitive with functions that no one would naturally guess is how something works. For example, when logging in on a device the chat completely covers the entire site. To close it, you have to somehow know to tap a blank spot at the very top of the chat window and hope you tap the right blank spot to close it. Otherwise, you can no longer access your community.

I wish I could find a good chat system for Invision, but this is not it for us.

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I'm using this as an embed version and using Chatwee v1 not v2 because although 2 offers more rooms, it's too pricey for me right now. The plugin allows you to use 1 or 2. Chatwee version 1 seems to work smoother and is simpler. I created a page and just added the embed code. I'm also using the chatwee API to show externally who is in chat and count users. However, there are a few things I'm not crazy about and wish I could change when using the embed version. When a user logs into IPS, they login to chat automatically vs logging into chatwee when visiting the embed page only. Second, I wish their embed mode for Chatwee 1 showed the user list on the side rather than on top, like their compact mode.

Aside from that, it works on my site pretty good.


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