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SQL query to remove css class from post table


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I've kinda borked my embeds. Been experiencing jumpy pages with multiple twitter embeds which I couldn't replicate when looking at other sites using the same software. I had restrictions on which limited embeds to 800px. I removed this thinking it could somehow be the magic trick that would fix it.

Does seem to behaving a bit better now. 

But, a member just reported a login issue when using Chrome, I use Safari myself across all devices. On opening Chrome I noticed all twitter embeds were showing as blank posts prior to this change.

I've nailed the issue down to this class ipsEmbeddedOther_limited inside the div. Remove and the tweet loads fine.

I know theres a query knocking around that can replace or remove bits of text from posts, is it possible to use one to remove this CSS class from post table, if so what would that be, thanking you!


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