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So, to help IPB to got a better commerce solution there's one important thing missing.

It's called: "Retoure", comm. return delivery.

A member bought a product and want to send it back on a easy way.
(Here in Germany members can take a retour 14 days after buying a product)

So there's a missing button and a missing overlay to follow these products on acp.

I think this would be a big big important thing on every eShop.
Also to send the member a return delivery shipment label. 

What does the other members here think about it?

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Yes, it's a missing feature. There are lots of essential business features missing for EU users... If you're not working around every missing function, you are in big danger.

Concerning your retoure request, you could:

Buy IP.pages or the "forms" modification from a third party provider, where customers can input their retoure request, if you require some tracking or correspondance, and track them there.

If you talk about legal aspects, then enter a link in your footer (maybe "advanced footer" mod), so everybody can see it and it's published to all customers evidently.

You can also use the "rules" modification and if a customer buys anything, configure a rule to email the customer with all informations about retoure after checkout. This way, you achieve your legal information duties.

You could also use IPBWI single signon bridge to WordPress, which professionally provides all plugins for legally correct EU business, and use their shop.

There are several options for workarounds. IPS software is great, I love it, but as soon as it comes to business in the european union (EU), it's a pain. Unfortunately.

There are no features for automatic emails, no additional flexible checkboxes before contracting. As soon as you try to establish paid downloads, it will be the hell and you have to invest a lot of money or code yourself a standalone tax system.

Hopefully there will be some features and enhancements planned soon, as a lot IPS users request these features.

Good luck!

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