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Ckeditor issue need help


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i am having problem in ckeditor after upgrading to last night. its only not working on home page . when i click status shortcut menu from '' create '' popup appear but there is no text box only choose file option. but if i open an other page anywhere in my forum and thn i use the same option ckeditor works. 

in short ckeditor works everywhere like topic, profile page, comments but except on landing page popup.  any help for solving this issue please .


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1 minute ago, PPlanet said:

Have you cleaned up your cache after upgrading?

ohhhh u again... u always ready for help :)  thanks :) 

yes alot of time.. i cleaned cache , disable all plugins , apps still same prob. only on home page ...

and also i reupload cheditor , restore toolbar everything. even used support option too. 

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Just now, PPlanet said:

Hmm, I'm afraid I'm not of much help this time. I haven't upgraded myself but reading around I saw some had solved it this way. If everything fails you may want to open a ticket then. :)

yeah im thinking too but i thought i could get help from the community coz IPS team is mostly busy in 4.2 :p  and its also only on home landing page popup problem. lets see if anyone can help else will have to lil disturb to IPS team member :p hope someone will solve this issue here before i open ticket :) 

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