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Expanding the Acronym Expansion Feature


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I love the Acronym Expansion tool. We use it in our community more than an acronym identifier we use it as a definition library for readers to hover over a word, and see the definition of the word. For example, if you go to this page at http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/topic/19550-curly-maple-shaker-rocker/

In the first sentence of the originating topic you'll see the word "Curly Maple". Hover over that word and you'll see a definition. We are using Acronym Expansion as a dictionary as well. We love it.


I would love to see a way to even ad an image to the acronym expansion capabilities, so not only are we able to add a definition, we can add an accompanying image as well. So the pop-up generated would turn into a definition with illustration, graphic, or image. I feel this would lend a wonderful eye catching feature to our communities, and educational as well depending on how it is used.

Thanks for hearing me out!

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Suggested this too.

But there should be members/groups assigned to be able to use those words which pop out, this is to avoid using the word by those who don't need that expansion

Example: if admin uses the word, it will pop out, if member uses that word, no pop out

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