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Individual post background colors


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I am looking for a plugin/application that can let me add groups to it with a background color / border setting. Then, that group will have that background color / border on all of their posts.

I am looking for this because I want to give all of my staff members a background color matching their name color, so that my users can easily see who is who.

I hope that someone can help me out :)



If someone could help me with setting this up, that be great too:

As my theme doesn't have it added it seems, I don't understand the tutorial.

I'd happily pay for an application/plugin that does this as well though. Let me know :) Last developer took 3 months and now had to ask my money back, so I'm really looking for someone who's serious interested. I needed this asap and been wasting 3 months now..


Thank you!

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