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  1. Hello, since ranks have been added by IPB I have this issue (see attached screenshot) - I don't see this issue on the theme demo website but I don't really know what causes this? It still happens with all plugins/applications disabled so it seems to be an issue with my theme installation? Not sure.
  2. Hello, As the title suggest, some customers sometimes get the error in paypal that we only accept American addresses while we don't. Both in paypal itself and in IPB we have it set to allow all countries and currencies. It's also not a physical product. I don't know what's causing it, the customers that get this error are very diverse, different countries, different payment methods within paypal (they have a credit card connected, direct debit through paypal etc) and what makes it more weird is that while for person A in country A it works, for person B in country A it doesn't. This issue really makes no sense. For now we're telling the users that have this issue to put their country on United States at the store billing information but I'm sure that we have alot of customers that don't contact us so this issue is quite big for us. I'm not sure if the error is on paypal's side or IPB's side but I'd like to know if there's any solution for this issue. To me it seems like IPB might sometimes send the wrong information to Paypal.
  3. I have the redirect_uri filled in on discord (the one showed in the app) yet when I try to connect my forum account with discord, discord says : invalid redirect_uri Am I missing anything? EDIT: The last / was missing behind the url and that made it not work.
    DON'T BUY. It's not working with the current ipb version, been trying to get in contact with the developer for a few months now and no reply. $15 bucks wasted and no support at all. Thanks for the no refund policy ipb 🙂
  4. @TheJackal84 any news? It's kinda awkward buying a product that isn't working.
  5. Hi @TheJackal84 it (no longer) seems to work on 4.4. It's not working on the Villain theme nor the default IPB theme. As soon as I click the create refferal button, I see a spinner and then the pop-up "something went wrong"
  6. What @opentype says, plus the fact that this rule isn't for mailing only. It's also for registration and general website usage. Also, a person could make a request to get a datasheet of him/her self, on which you have to give them a document with ALL of the information you have of them. If you miss something on it and you get a check, the same fine as above mentioned will happen to you. And the IPB database is huge, I don't know what kind of information is being saved at the moment. But apart of that, plenty of 'fixes' are needed.
  7. It has to be approved by IPB though before it gets released in the store here, so it is safe.
  8. You can use the Payssion payment method for that, they have alot of methods of which bitcoin is included. I don't know how the official Payssion method looks like (I see IPB added it) but I am using the one from the store and there it supports bitcoin and everything else.
  9. Stripe supports many features that can really boost the sales on a forum. Sadly, IPB is only using the Credit Cards side of Stripe (Even though there are already 3 other Credit Card payment methods). Please allow the use of all Stripe payment methods! Or atleast iDeal and SOFORT banking. Those two are really nice to have if you deal with EU customers! This has been suggested alot of times and not only by me. I hope that an IPB staff will see this someday.
  10. Hello, I am wondering (and really hoping) that IPB wants to make some changes here and there needed for any forum, to comply with the GDPR law which is going to be active on the 25th of May 2018. If IPB doesn't make a few of the needed changes then they will lose all of their EU customers and alot of non EU customers as well because even non EU forums would have to follow these rules if they aim in the EU market, and the fines are insanely high. So this really is something highly needed. More information about the changes can be read in this article: https://litmus.com/blog/gdpr-what-europes-new-privacy-law-means-for-email-marketers
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