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Choose how a drop-down menu should behave on mobile


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I have an idea that you could give us some power on how drop-down menu items should be "converted" on mobile and tablet sizes. Or to be able to setup a different menu structure for the mobile/tablet view all together. 

Basically, this is how I want to structure the meny: 

  • Menu (Drop-down, click to see)
    • Less important item 1
    • Less important item 2
    • etc...
  • Most important menu item
  • Second most important menu item
  • Third most important menu item

The menu drop down will usually contain a lot of entries, while I usually tend to limit it to 3 important sections for the menu items visible at all times on desktop. 

On desktop this works nice. 

However, on mobile, I don't find this approach to work as well for the members, as they on mobile get the feeling they have to make an unnecessary click, which they don't report for desktop.

So on mobile I basically want the menu drop-down to work the same as the sub menu items work on mobile. Where "Menu" instead would be a "heading" and the items beneath it be listed on first view in the mobile menu, without having to click on "Menu" to see them. (Hope you understand what I mean)


Alternatively, you could let us completely customize another structure of the menu for mobile. This should be something along the lines of "Activate different menu for mobile?", so it would work as it does today by default, but you would give the option to customize this more specificially for mobile/tablet for those who need it. You could also add a "reminder message" when this had been activated and you saved changes to one of the menus, so it would be less likely to confuse any administrators on why items on one device haven't been removed/added later. 

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