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YouTube thumbnails in post/blog previews


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Currently on my site, if you go to the "Blogs" section, you have to wait 45 seconds to a minute before the entire page loads with all of the YouTube embeds and GIFs. I have identified that it is purely the YouTube, Twitter, etc. embeds (iFrames) and large GIFs that really slow down the page. When those were taken out of the equation, the page loads as expected.

My suggestion is to make it to where the embed doesn't show up in the previews. There's really no need for a full YouTube video to load in a preview because you can't really click on it anyways.

58c65aa405b65_ScreenShot2017-03-13at4_33_01AM.thumb.png.723dc8793f60ad41f4a8821ebd472837.png -> 58c65aaa2a0c5_ScreenShot2017-03-13at4_38_40AM.thumb.png.01430d397f9398934727a2a3bdbcb48c.png

Especially with YouTube videos, the thumbnail link is super easy. With YouTube, it's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1n_1jrUEjU to https://i.ytimg.com/vi/i1n_1jrUEjU/hqdefault.jpg

I would really appreciate this since the "Blogs" page on my site is almost unusable at this point. I don't want to tell my members to not post embedded content in their blog entries, so this seems like a better solution.

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