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10 minutes ago, Alex Hamilton said:

I know ips4 has the page builder but what about a Drag and Drop Option for a Custom Html drag where you Want the plugin blocks and drop and it

Yes, this is available in IPS vanilla.  You will need IP.Pages application where you can drag-and-drop a Custom Block.  The Custom Block is created in the ACP, and can be coded using HTML.  


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1 hour ago, Alex Hamilton said:

I know I'm talking About a Drag and drop Anywhere on the page and it Write The Html code for you so all you have to do is choose were you want blocks to go

Just to clarify, your goal is to create a custom page that allows drag-and-drop functionality of blocks, correct?  And you do not want to write HTML, but you want to decide where the blocks go, correct?  

If so, then yes this is built-in functionality for IPS.  You will need IP.Pages.

  1. In the ACP, create a new custom page.
  2. On the front-end of the new custom page, open up the Block Manager on the left-hand side of the screen and simply drag-and-drop the blocks into the hot zones.  

You can check this guide for more detailed information:


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