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Widget: Hide Date from 1st post.


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Hi all.

I know it's a strange request, but I'd like to know if it is possible to have a widget that hides the creation date and the modification date of the 1st post in selected forums and on all skin and mobile devices. For everybody, except the administrators. I'm not saying it's saved in the database, I don't want other users to see it.

The reason is that I don't want people to know how old some old topics are. In one of my communities, date can be something suspicious and prevent users from participating.
I think it can be useful when you use topics as reviews. Removing the date allow people to focus on the item or product reviewing, not the date of the topic itself. 

Not sure if someone is interested in making something like this. Not sure either if this is something easy to do using CSS. 



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Hi  guys.

My partner is pushing me to have this option enabled.   If someone is willing to do something like that, I would gladly pay a reasonable free for the mod.

Thank you


I think you can do this via some PHP and CSS. Like choose which member groups can see which class.

Thanks, but I'm not good with CSS or PHP

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