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Polling Option and Side Widget

Brian Klein

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I have noticed that there is many options that go with our beloved IPS but there is very limited options when it comes to polls.

What about making a section that displays only the polls, so those of us that enjoy the 'voting process' can see past polls throughout the site on one screen, it would be nice to have and an idea that I don't think anyone has envisioned to date. Kind of like the 'My Activity Streams' (perhaps a "Polls Galore" button in that menu? and allow it to display only the polls and their options in a streamlined look with an option somewhere that says 'view topic' under so if people wanted to post  to that topic they could.

As it stands we only allow a widget that shows 'the poll' that has to manually placed, which suggests it could be done.

I am sure someone who is extremely well qualified with the talents of IPS could imagine a world with polls galore!


Much love,


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