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Help all =getNewComment links broken after translit


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I am posting it here because its been a couple of days where i havent gotten any input from the plugin owner himself, and i am asking myself what to do now. 

the plugin itself works, but one of the queries thats supposed to work for preexisting links  has  made ALL preexisting links

that appear on the home page and inside the categories as the most recent ones (=get NewComment),  broken. 

does anybody have any tips as to how to correct it ????

 the link itself IS there when you go inside the category and visit it from the forum its self.      

what is not working is the redirect link that contains  =getNewComment   .  this is the one not "adopting" the  already translit url ...... ! 

here is the link appearing on homepage  http://www.parentscafe.gr/forum/topic/5568-/?do=getNewComment

and here is the link appearing in its category   http://www.parentscafe.gr/forum/topic/5568-o-kyklos-ton-lexeon/

help anybody ? its a huge problem, because it looks as if all older links are broken/do not exist!!!!! 



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