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Show client area settings after purchase (flow)


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How do I make is so the content of the client area settings are shown to the buyer after user check out?

My users are having trouble finding out what to do next, and its not very intuitive that they have to go to store/manage purchases, when what they really need is to have the client area setting smacked in their face or redirected to a url after checkout.

Am I missing something or is the flow supposed to be this bad?

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3 hours ago, Joel R said:

Check the product settings.  You should be able to redirect the user to any page after checkout.  

You should probably also set up links in the Menu Manager to Manage purchases.  

i checked in product settings and dont see anything related to redirecting after purchase. can you be a little more specific please.

all i see is options to force users to buy stuff on registration, minimum order settings and protected groups

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