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Image handling add-ons


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As I work through editing and restructuring some 1500 Wordpress posts that IPS imported for me, that include some 7500 images, I've found some sorely needed enhancements to image handling.  I'd be willing to pay for one or both of these add-ons, and I think there would be a market for them in the Marketplace, once completed.

1 A custom add-on for the ability to "read, import, and reuse" images from the server file system.  It is much faster and easier to use FTP to upload a large batch of photos (such as my 7500) to a folder on the server, retaining the folder structure, than it is to individually upload them, post by post. I'd like to see this as an additional option (restricted by access privileges) on the Insert other media button

2. A second custom add-on that I would like to see is the ability to organize uploaded images into folders or categories, so that it is easier to find them and reuse them with the Insert existing attachment option under Insert other media. I think there would be a market for both of these potential add-ons. By the time I finish the conversion/rebuilding of these 1500 pages, I will have almost 10,000 attached images -- since I personally have already uploaded about 2,000 to the forums, then add about 7500 more from this Wordpress import into Pages. I have several other users who've uploaded hundreds of images, and some have uploaded close to 2,000.  So, this need is NOT restricted just to admins or moderators. This is likely much more complex than the first add-on, above, but I think there could be a wide demand for it...

If any developer is interested in either (or both) of these custom add-ons, please PM me.

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