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As I suppose many of you do I have a Staff Room set up that's only visible to Moderators and Admin. 
I've had cause to demote a couple of my mods down to Members but I've just realised they were 'Following' the Staff Room and would receive notifications for new topics posted. Will they still receive the notifications, how can I have them unfollow the forum?

Thanks in advance.

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If there is not a bug with this in the software, then they will no longer receive notifications from this forum if they're not able to access it. This is what makes sense.

Try to test it yourself if you still are unsure, if you wish. Create a test account for yourself and promote it to a moderator group with access to the forum, then follow that forum. Now, from your admin account post a new topic and see if you receive the notification on the mail address you chose for the test account. (Just to test you do indeed receive the notifications while a moderator). Then demote the test member you created, create a new topic and check if they also receive a notification for the second topic.

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