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Index Redirects to Forum

Trevor Brandt

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I am unsure why, but when users visit my website as guests (http://mutualmemoir.com/) they are redirected to a forum (Site News) automatically. All plugins/apps are turned off-- hence the appearance of my site right now.

Is there a setting that could be doing this? Once guests log in, they can view the index.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Do you have more than one forum accessible to guest? Check the permissions for the guest group if you're unsure, in Admin CP -> Members -> Groups -> On the row for the guests group, click the "lock icon" on the right.

If a guest group only have access to one forum, then that one forum will be displayed at the index. So you need to have at least two forums checked for "See forum". Please note however, that if you have two checked, and one of them is a root parent (which is a category and you will not be able to select "Read topics" for it.), then you'll need to see the checkmark at least three times in the "See forum column" for guests to get the index view.

Hope this was helpful.

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