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Delete images and tagged persons

stig olsen

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I'm on the latest version and when my users insert an image in the forum and tries to insert it again (before they post) it cant be deleted. The same applies when trying to remove a name that is written aften an @.  Any work around? This is a mobile issue. 


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Is there any specific mobile devices you're seeing this on? 

Unfortunately the editor can be very unreliable and difficult to work with on mobile devices, but there could be a valid bug here. But IPS will likely want more information before you report it in the bug tracker.

Have they tried to click two times on the image to remove, and then backspace it?

Does this happen regardless of whether the image or mention is the first thing inside the post? It's possible you could only see this problem if it's the first "item"/text at the top of the editor. 

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