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Adding Custom Fields to Profile Tabs


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We've been having some trouble with our profile pages on our site. The default profile stacks all custom fields into the left sidebar, but we'd like them to be moved into the "About Me" tab.

Currently the "About Me" tab only pulls through the about me description and if you add other "profile information" fields they either create a new tab if its an Editor piece, or if it's something like a multiselect - then the fields become sidebar items.

Regarding the code, our program comes in with this piece within the Core > Front > Profile templates (ProfileTabs):


<div id='elProfileTabs_content' class='ipsTabs_panels ipsPad_double ipsAreaBackground_reset'>
	{{foreach $tabs as $tab => $title}}
		{{if $activeTab == $tab}} 
			<div id="ipsTabs_elProfileTabs_elProfileTab_{$tab}_panel" class='ipsTabs_panel ipsAreaBackground_reset'>

All the content within the tabs seems to originate from activeTabContents. But we can't find where one can change what is being pulled through there, or even if that is the right approach.

We tried to simply add text on the page under the activeTabContents which displays, but then displays on all tabs. We tried to do an if statement to key off the URL and the active tab name. However the problem there was that it only works if you load the page. If you load the page on the Activity Stream and then navigate to the About Me tab, the variables are still set to the Activity Stream ones.


We'd like to add custom fields to the profiles and to have them pull through on the About Me profile tab - does anyone know how this is achievable?


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