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[V4.1.14.1]IPS and AdBlock - browser crash


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Hi all,

Since V4.1.14 (and with i can't reach the homepage of my website if adblock is enable.
The browser (Firefox) is crashing. Other members get the same error with other browser.

Other pages can be reach without trouble.

Other thing, it doesn't happen if you are not logged (guest can reach the homepage), only registered members have the error.

i didn't get this trouble with previous version of IPS.

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Finally found the source of the problem but it is not solved yet.

One bloc occur the browser crash when AdBlock is enable. This bloc is seen only by registered members - that is why Guests haven't the trouble

This bloc is a Teamspeak viewer.

I have generate (long time ago) the code of my TS server and put it on a bloc.

Today it is a source of problem so if you are usig also TS viewer, IPS Community help will be welcome.



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