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Alexander Mata

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You only have the forums app. Is that right? In that case, you'd need to change your license so that it's set as minestar-network.com/forums and then reinstall everything in that location. Note that if you later add any other apps, they will be at minestar-network.com/forums/gallery, minestar-network.com/forums/calendar etc.

If you have any other apps and want minestar-network.com to be the homepage but the forums to be at minestar-network.com/forums, Gallery at minestar-network.com/gallery etc, then you only have to make a small change. In the ACP go to System > Applications and click the star icon by the relevant app's name to make it the default app. All the other apps will be found at minestar-network.com/forums, minestar-network.com/gallery etc.

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