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Upload video files that are compatible with iPad and iPhone

Allen Bradford

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Currently uploaded MP4 and MOV videos will not play using an iPhone and iPad. This was confirmed via IPS Support, and reinforced by the Apple Help Forum. They upload to posts as attachment files, and can be opened and played via QuickTime and Video Player on Mac or PC Computers, and although glitchy will also open and play on most Android phones and Tablets. But, on the iPad and IPhone when the uploaded video link is clicked you get a black screen with a useless arrow stuck in the middle. No prompt to load to play on an app or anything. 

This is a big problem IMO, considering the popularity of those Mac devices, and compromises using the upload feature as an extra privilige on certain Member Groups. I would think IPS could create some sort of video file that when uploaded will play using both Android and Mac devices . Or have a different file generated upon upload that's compatible with Mac devices, and give the Member a choice depending on what platform his device is on. 

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