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Thank You Customer Support


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I finally had to jump in here an just say publicly what a great bunch of tech support guys we have here.

I have issued over 75 support tickets in the last couple years and I'd say virtually all of them have been satisfied and in many instances the tech guys went above and beyond the call of duty. I say virtually all of them, because some could not be resolved, only because I was asking something out of the scope of the software capabilities. But mainly, if my issues could be resolved, they were, and they were in a satisfactory amount of time.

I have experience issuing support tickets for other types of software and hosting solutions, and the guys and gals here at Invision Power Services Inc. are right at the top of the customer support scale. Always professional, always courteous, and when they say they are going to do something, they do it.

I am a full licensed paid customer paying on a semi annual basis to keep our license up to date, and to keep the customer service support portal open for us, if you are lurking out there, and you are not fully licensed or your license has expired, pull the lever and get your stuff renewed, it's worth every penny, and you need those updates too!

Thanks Tech Support for all you do, I greatly appreciate it. And the folks on our community forum appreciate it as well.

John Morris



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