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Event Timer - PAID


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I would like a widget I can add to the front page with a list of current events that are underway with a "time remaining" countdown and below that a configurable list of events coming up in the next 24 hours.  The events that would be occurring in the future I would like to also show "FULL" if RSVP limit has been reached or "Requires x number of players" if the RSVP limit hadn't been reached.  I would also need to be able to select which calendars it was using (must be able to select MULTIPLE calendars) and how many ACTIVE and UPCOMING events I wanted displayed.  This also obviously needs to correspond to the individuals timezone who is viewing it.

So something that basically looks like

  • Event ABC - "Underway - 2:39 Remaining"
  • Event DEF - "Underway - 3:32 Remaining"
  • Event GHI - "Scheduled - 17 Hours from now - Roster Full"
  • Event JKL - "Scheduled - 19 Hours from now - Need 3 More"


If you think you have what it takes to make this happen please PM me for further discussion on details.

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