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Menu Manager in IPS4


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Have a couple of issues with the menu manager i was hoping to understand better. In IPS3, the menu manager was only possible with IP.Content, which i have. Now in IPS4, it is much easier to access. However:

1) The drop-drop menu now has to be 'clicked' to show the children of the drop down menu, whereas in IPS3, just hovering the mouse cursor over the drop down menu would drop the sub-menu down automatically. Is there anyway to make the sub-menus drop by just hovering over the button?

2) The main menu button, is not possible to be a link anymore. It is solely there to be able to drop down the sub-menu. I would like the main button to also be a link. Is there anyway to do this?


Appreciate your help in advance.


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Just now, InsideEdge said:

I was annoyed with that also and purchased the CJ menu to get the hover and fade drop down menus.


Seems to be a step backwards from IPS3 don't you think?

I'm hoping there's a way to get it to work without having to buy an add-on since it seems rather straightforward.

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