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  1. Hello @InvisionHQ, Been using Classifieds now for a few days, what an awesome piece of work, thank you for this. Have a couple of questions/bugs that i would like to check in with you on: 1) In the Classifieds Menu Manager, there is an error in the spelling of "Wish List". Is there anyway that i can change the names of "Classifieds", "Wishlists", "My Adverts", "My Offers", etc? 2) Assuming i do not want to use your built in menu manager, i could create another tab to External Link by linking it to www.url.com/classifieds, but how do i do the external link for "My Adverts"? Currently the URL is: https://www.url.com/profile/146336-username/content/?type=classifieds_advert, is there anyway to have a link like www.url.com/profile/myadverts so that i can hard link it? 3) I have allowed guests to post ads without the requirement of registering for an account, however, when guests submit an ad, they face the error: The ad however is LIVE and showing within Classifieds. 4) On the contrary, if i DO NOT allow guests to post ads, the "Submit Advert" button is still showing for guests, and they go through the whole process and face the same error as point 3), however, their ad will NOT be showing in Classifieds. How do i hide the "Submit Advert" button from guests? 5) Is there anyway to NOT show the countdown timer to expiry on the advert feed? Or is there anyway to have the ad permanently there and NOT expire? 6) When i click on "Location" to type in the address, it always defaults to "United Kingdom", is there a way to change this to follow the current setting in Invision system? Otherwise every ad there will be an extra step involved which is changing the country. 7) Another spelling error i noticed: There is an extra "n" in "additional". Thanks for the hard work, fantastic piece of add-on and hoping we can resolve the above issues!
  2. Had to manually go into Commerce and find the Classifieds app but it works now, thanks all!
  3. Ah could it not be showing up because i do not have Commerce installed yet? I've gone through all the searches but am unable to locate this add-on. I've also directly clicked on the link provided by @Dean_ but it shows an error page.
  4. @Dean_ Thanks for the link Dean, but if you click on it, it shows an error page.
  5. @InvisionHQ Am trying to purchase this add-on for a site of mine, unable to find it in the marketplace. Did it get remove? Please advise, thank you!
  6. Hi @Mike Gholson, don't get us wrong, no one is denying the value of the IPB platform and the great work @InvisionHQ does. I use IPB exclusively on my sites after trying vBulletin, SMF, etc. I'm happy paying for Commerce *IF* it is a requirement. I think what we're getting at is @InvisionHQ has in his roadmap a version of Classifieds that *does not* require Commerce, and many of us are running Classifieds without the internal transaction enabled on IPB/Commerce, so this would be a welcome addition. Less things installed, less things to go wrong right? Either way, happy to see this add-on progressing on! Cheers!
  7. I am in the same predicament. I have absolutely no use for commerce but seems like if you want to implement the Classified System for now, you will need to purchase IP.Commerce until such time @InvisionHQ has the version that has no requirements for IP.Commerce.
  8. @Adriano Faria Got it, thanks for the quick response! Will be purchasing to test out shortly!
  9. Dear @Adriano Faria, As there is no alternative for an offline directory, are you able to upload pictures/images with your app? I might have to use Link Directory as i really need a directory on my website but unfortunately there are no offline directory available. Looking through the product, it seems like address field, text field, all are available, so only thing missing would be the ability to add pictures to the entry.
  10. Just saw 2.2.1 in the marketplace! Congrats! And also, noted in the changelog: Is there sorting by custom fields now?! Excellent!!
  11. Finally, can't wait! Will be purchasing this as soon as it goes live in the marketplace! Thanks for the hard work @InvisionHQ!
  12. I 2nd this! And filter by custom fields too. We know the hard work you put in @InvisionHQ, it is much appreciated!
  13. Thanks for the update @InvisionHQ! I see your post states 2.0.2 Final, but in the marketplace it's 2.2.0 Beta (currently), i think you meant to type 2.2.0 Final? Looking forward to the approval in marketplace so i can finally install this on my site!
  14. Thanks for your update. Would you recommend i wait for the final release (so i can save the hassle of not going through the update) or should i just go ahead and purchase/install the beta version for 4.5.x now? Realistically, i'd like to have the classifieds live on my site before 31st March 2021 so am exploring options of which would be the 'cleaner' route to take. Btw i 2nd the request for showing all adverts in parent category and filtering by custom fields, i think those would be awesome! Thanks again for all the hard work @InvisionHQ!
  15. @bfarber Thanks for the quick reply! Do you mean to add this to the "CSS" tab of the templates within the "Pages" app? I've tried to create a New CSS but it didn't work.
  16. Unfortunately Company Directory is no longer available for sale due to Spanner's passing. 😞 Thanks for your assistance @Adriano Faria! If you'd ever feel like making an offline directory, i'm sure there will be a market for it. Cheers!
  17. Hello, Can this app be used to be a directory for offline businesses? I run a forum whereby offline retail businesses would be more applicable rather than websites. Also, i would like only for the admin (myself) to be able to add entries. Lastly, would this allow posting of a business without a URL? I see there seems to be a lot of chat about the URL bouncing off an error and not allowing listing (not all offline retail businesses have websites). If the business have or does not have a website, can i upload their business logo instead of having the app pull a preview of their website? Thanks! Appreciate any inputs!
  18. Hello @InvisionHQ, sorry to be a bother, do you have a final release date yet on the final release for 4.5.x? Thanks!
  19. Hello there! Have a simple question (or rather, i'm hoping it's an easy fix) - i'd like to hide the number of views that is shown in the home/template/index page of the articles section. Is there a simple 'show/hide' toggle or would i have to go into the template and edit it manually? Appreciate any input, thank you! Example - Where it shows "1 view" below:
  20. @InvisionHQ Hello there, good to see you are back and Happy New Year to you! Just wondering when the final release for 4.5.x compatibility will be released? As i am looking to deploy this on a LIVE site, would prefer if everything was up and running and bugs have been fixed. I understand the previous estimated release date was Nov/Dec'20. Appreciate your reply, cheers!
  21. Thank you! That is very precise and straight to the point! Much appreciated. I'd do some Googling in the meantime but do you know any JS code which i might be able to run in "Advertisements" so that Google Auto Ads only show up in mobile? Cheers!
  22. I tried the following code: <div class="ipsClearfix ipsResponsive_showPhone ipsResponsive_hideDesktop ipsResponsive_hideTablet"> <script data-ad-client="ca-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" async src="https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script> </div> But the Google ads are still showing up on desktop/tablet view. Any ideas why? I am trying to get Google ads with the auto code to only show up when viewing from mobile.
  23. Received with thanks! Will check it out!
  24. @Adriano Faria Hello there. Would this work for as an 'offline directory' do you think? I run an automotive website and would like to have a directory of the local car dealers, local car repair shops, etc. The demo link from the first page of this thread isn't working anymore, would you happen to have an example of this mod on a website so i can take a look? Thanks!
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