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SparkPost For bulk mail


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2 hours ago, NoGi said:

Does anyone use SparkPost? Any good?

I send over a million emails out monthly, its been a complete and utter life saver for my biggest board.

We are on this plan:


The cost we pay monthly is completely worth it for all the hassles and upkeep that were removed.

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2 minutes ago, NoGi said:

Cool, trying to look into it but having issues getting my domain verified. Not sure why emails to postmaster and abuse are not coming through to me.

Sorry to hear, if you continue to have issues, try their support, they've been great in everything I've needed and that was before I started spending hundreds of dollars per month.

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Yeah but the problem is this:

  • VPS is configured as prod.mydomain.com with all the correct entries in aliases
  • My domain email is actually managed through google apps but without the prod, so just mydomain.com

So whilst abuse/postmaster@prod.mydomain.com work, abuse/postmaster@mydomain don't and Google Apps won't let me create an alias for them as they are reserved system aliases.

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