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Edit topic start date in phpmyadmin


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Heres the problem, I was on my phone wanting to merge 2 topics, one was on page 1 and the other on page 2 so I was unable to use the checkbox system as you can only use if on the same page (feature request?), so I clicked merge under moderation actions on the new topic and entered the URL in for the old topic. Now usually I'm given a screen with what topic title I would like to keep but it just threw up an error saying topic title not valid.

Weird, I went back to the forum and the topic had been merged however it kept the new topic title, topic starter and date.

Obviously I changed the topic title easy enough and edited the topic starter user id and name in phpmyadmin however the date is a load of random numbers. It's no big issue but the OCD in me wants to adjust the start time back to the original, any ideas on how I can change the date, is there some kind of mysql date converter somewhere?

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Ignore this.

Searched the post id in the post table in phpmyadmin, found the time, copied and pasted into topic table start time.

Stop. Think. Post.

If I took the 5 minutes to do the first 2 steps I would have figured this out :frantics:


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