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Hosting IPS together with another site in one domain

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I'm migrating a site to IPS piece by piece. The first step is forum. I tested deployment on subdomain (like new.domain.com) and now stuck with configuration to launch in live on domain.com.

All pages are loaded ok, but ajax requests are not. For instance on private messages page (domain.com/messenger) when I click on another message to view, I see this instead of message text:


I have IPS configured in docker container and the rest of site in host's apache.

I have the following configuration:

( - docker containser's ip)

    <Location "/index.php">

    <LocationMatch "^/(activity|administration|announcement|applications|attachments|blogs|contact|discover|followed|forums|gallery|guidelines|ignore|language|login|logout|lostpassword|markallread|messenger|modcp|new-content|notifications|online|privacy|profile|register|search|settings|staff|submit|tags|terms|themes|unsubscribe|uploads|users)">
        ProxyPreserveHost On


(I need this because IPS sometimes generates urls like domain.com/?app=core without specifying page and by default it's being handled by old site's default page home.php)

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} app=core
RewriteRule ^home.php index.php


What I missed?

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