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Website tabs & how they display within your browser tabs


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When I click on my main logo on any page, instead of taking it to the main home page of ohiocannabis.com, it brings you to the forums section - how do I edit this so that it brings you to my "home" page - ohiocannabis.com?

Also when you go to the main url of https://www.ohiocannabis.com the tab opened in a browser has the favicon I added but then instead of saying the websites name or "home" it simply has the word "forums" - I do not like this.


Is there a way to edit/change this so my website name is advertised/shown instead of a generic term?

And like wise when I click on the "home" tab, instead of brining you to ohiocannabis.com it brings you to ohiocannabis.com/home - is there a way to edit this so that it just brings you to the main domain without the additional /home attached?

And why do some tabs have just their tab name and some of them have their tab name and part of my website name like the following:



Thank you.




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