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Converter Issues


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Hey folks,

Having some issues doing a test conversion, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


  • PHP 5.6 (FPM)
  • Nginx 1.10
  • MySQL Community 5.6
  • IPS
  • IPS Converters 4.1.6
  • phpBB 3.1.9


None of the "More Information Needed" screens for conversions appear to be working.
Filling the data in and submitting returns me to the more information needed screen with a cleared form.

Specifically, this occurs on the following phpBB 3.1 -> System conversion steps:

  • Emoticons (Have checked the filesystem path is correct and readable by webserver)
  • Profile Fields (Either selecting a field mapping or leaving it as 'None')
  • Member Groups (Either selecting a group or leaving it as 'None')
  • Member Ranks (Have checked the filesystem path is correct and readable by webserver)

The only conversions that appear to work are those not requiring more information, and are:

  • Profanity Filters
  • Ban Filters

I've had a look at the PHP logs, tried both Chrome and Safari and am still having issues.
Just to be sure, I've also tried PHP5.5 and PHP7.0 (even though the latter isn't supported).

That the issue appears on all "More Information Needed" screens, and at the risk of pointing the finger - I think it's dead, Jim.

I'm probably overlooking something but running out of ideas, any thoughts or suggestions very welcome!


On a hunch, I tried a WordPress conversion for fun and have the same issue - I might start digging through code but hopefully someone else has hit this problem and knows what's up.

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What a world of good a nights sleep does.

It looks like I'm an idiot - I was switching PHP versions on the wrong vhost in test.
Confirm that this is working now and the issue appears specific to PHP 7.

Thanks ^_^

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