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Reset users email change request

Gabriel Torres

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We have over 500 users who are listed under ACP > Members > Validating as "Member has not yet responded to email change validation email".

All those users requested email change ages ago (over a year ago), and we want to have a way to "reset" these users, i.e. unmark them as having requested an email change, so they are moved out of the "validating" list.

I was checking why so many users are on this list, and most of them fall into two situations: (1) requested an email change to an email address that doesn't exist (e.g., typos such as gamil.com, hotmai.com, etc.) and (2) a temporary email issue either at our end or at the user's end.

My suggestion is for these email change requests to automatically expire just like new users that don't confirm their email are automatically pruned after 24 hours.

Many thanks,

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