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Improve Geocode Features and Address Field Type


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Each and everyday more users access the web by cell phones. In our community more then 60% of the users came from mobile.

IPS 4 already has Google Maps and Google Places built in. But the geolocation features are very shy and limited.

In the current version geolocation is used to display user location on the map by IP and to autocomplete he address field type.

Geocode could be improved. Also address field should be improved. There are some features that I suppose that would be very useful for many communities:

  1. use geocode to show members list ordered or filtered by distance (based on the last login geocoded place in the database or in the address field geocoded supplied in the profile by the user, by the choice of the browsing member);
  2. use the geocoded metadata of images in gallery and in attachments field to allow users to tag the image with the name of the place where the picture was taken and allow other members to browser another gallery images or attached images based on this geocoded place tag (using google places, just like instagram and facebook);
  3. use geocode in database records that have address field so the users can tag a record with the place name and allow the database records list to be ordered or filtered by distance;
  4. For the best use, Improve the geocoded address field to split lat and long to allow queries based on distante, split the address field in street, neighborhood, city, state and country to allow database records and members records to be filtered by each of these fields alone or combined;

These are the features that come to my mind now and that could represent a great advance in mobile experience and even desktop experience by IP. The possibilites would be endless.

And I guess that it would be very easy for IPS to implement these features based on the stage of development of IPS 4.

Here is a topic that demonstrate that other communities are willing for these geocoding features:


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