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How do I solve a security issue proc_open ?


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In the system/overview/security there is a "high" that says the following:


High Disable Dangerous PHP Functions
We recommend disabling the following functions on your server. If you do not manage your server yourself, your hosting provider will be able to assist with this.


I have DirectAdmin and should be able to adjust it myself. I did find how to get to the php disable_functions in DirectAdmin, but have no idea what to add or remove from it. The following is mentioned:


  • What is it and why does it have such a high security risk?
  • Can I make it secure without any problems?
  • How do I make it secure?


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Thanks for your help.

Within DirectAdmin I do not find a php.ini file I go to the PHP version and there I added proc_open in disable_functions.
And I do not see how I can restart apache in DirectAdmin.

The warning is still there.




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