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4.1.11 Commerce, Support Requests issues


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On 3.4.x (in Nexus) I could access the support requests and have all the statuses highlighted and it would show the latest support ticket that was new or opened. However in 4.1.11 I have to keep manually changing the order by and sorted by, so that the newest ticket shows first every time I login..... I cannot find a setting to keep the decending order (Z-A)

Another issue is that I have found is that when all the statuses are highlighted, it shows 99+ support requests, even on the front end of the site which I have the commerce block showing. Again Nexus never did this and it only showed new tickets, why is it now telling/showing me all the tickets that are there even if they are closed or resolved? (The commerce block which shows the tickets and products etc, these do not open in a new window like Nexus used too)

I also cannot select all tickets and change them to closed/resolved etc.

These are small irritations but it's rather annoying when I need to check tickets and I have to keep changing the settings so I can see the newst ticket first.

Is this something that can be looked into? Or a setting that I can change?

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